Wild Nigth (the follow thru )...Mature

My hand is still in the front of your denim jeans. A very nice bulge underneath that i slowly had coach up ,the buttons on  your pants are now open and i let my left hand in just an inch closer ...

Thru all this my mind is racing ,keeping up with my heart beat ,my pupils are dilated and there is a distinte smell of arousement coming from both our bodies. I can still think...

The pants have come off while i was in a world of my own. But tonight is not for thinking,it is for sex, in its most basic need, a desire to possess. To be put in a word tonight i require intensity, i need it to be both quick and not.

My skin had a slight coat of prespiration has i let myself  look at him standing there in living room in front of the couch. Naked .Erected. A very tasty man for me. Lucky me..

My tongue comes out and i lick the bottom lip and i bite i stay within your reach and i wait...

You take the lead and step forward.The fingertips are behind my back at the base of my spine and they are making their way to the top all so slowly, at the same time your lips have settllein on my neck.

I close my eyes and allow the sensations of your hands and mouth take me in..

You turn me around, i am facing the couch now i feel it against my bare legs i instintly brace my self to go forward but you stop me.

And sudenly i am pushed against the nearest wall, face in hands touching the cold surface ,i rest my forhead and let it cold me down.

All this time your hands had a path in mind, your left had gone to my stomach ,just under my ribcage. Your right had gone down from behind towards my right tigh.

I feel your legs against mine , skin against skin. My  back your chest. The circles are being draw in on my nipple were your forfinger and your tumb have stop caressing and are now pinching slowly at first and then just because you can and i like it, harder.

From behind it had made a path to my right tigh, it stay there for a moment tormenting me , letting me know that i may have started this but he knew where we were going and i just had to hang in there and wait,bastard.

It stops tormenting me when your fingers separate my inner foldsand find me oh so wet...

I need to turn my face , i need to put my mouth on yours.

And yet i like were you are taking this the pace shooths me, so i let go and i let my voice be heard when i realise just what your right hand was doing, dam the man had some skills !

Whithout even thinking about it by their own choice my legs open a bit more to allow more of your hand in , and that is when you lean in and whisper on my ear." Naughty ,not just yet."

Your left hand came up and grab my chin. It turn my face to yours has your mouth come down on mine ,YES!

Ours breaths mix as one, your right hand inside me and i  can`t think.

Both hands are at each side of my face , they hold it here making my body face yours has the kiss goes up and on, until you pull up and looking in my eyes , say." Carla..."So much said in one word.

This is the moment one knows it changes a relanshionship.The moment it goes from two strangers who like to fuck to something else, and yet i don`t seem to mind because my anwser is with a sparkling light to my eyes." yes ?" There is a promise there  of what you are not sure but that is not for now.

Now there is a more present matter to be adehere to...

Your hands pull me in, i let it happen , i am where i want to be.

My back is once more against the wall and i am being lift up .

My legs are locked around you, open. I am exposed and yet no desire to hide or play coy. No, the need to feel you penetrate me is growing so strong i want to say" just Do It."

You won`t let me rush this.

Sometimes you are a very self centerted bastard, has i hear your laughter i realise i said the words out loud.

This is the reason i am with you sex and humour , combine the two and any woman knows you have great sex there...

I am thinking again...And then i stop .You can see my mind had wonder and say."None of that, stay right here, with us."

I put my hands in you, one in your face feeling its shape the other i let run thru your hair.

My name one more on your lips until they are stoped by a kiss.

The End

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