Kevichella's Story (Part 1)Mature

Right, well, I think i will start with a tame number... don't want to come full force too soon, now do i?


We stumble through the door, and I manage to find the light switch, although flicking it takes a few frantic seconds. By the time it's on, i see you have already made your zig zagging way to the couch, and i take a moment to admire your legs, clad in almost-flourescent pink tights.

'God, you're sexy,' I think to myself as I sidle slowly down the hallway towards you, stopping only to stick my head in the fridge and pull out a handfull of beers.

"Great night," I manage to say, plonking myself down besides you on the couch, and you nod your head with your eyes closed. My eyes scan quickly down, taking in your beautiful lips, the milky skin of your neck, the hand sized bulges in your white shirt, your jean mini skirt, your tights... your eyes blink open and i meet your gaze. Wow, your eyes... tonight you are my revelation.

I lean forward to grasp hold of a can for you, but your mistake my purpose and meet me with your lips. The can goes sprawling unopened across the floor, as my fingers come up and find your hair. Your lips are as soft as I imagined, and as I investigate forward with my tongue, you greet it greedily with yours. One hand traces the gentle contours of the side of your face, as my other hand is making it's way towards your hip, where it finds purchase and starts it's slow dangerous slide towards your bum.

'Bum,' I think to myself and almost laugh. I suddenly grasp your arse, and squeeze it as I push you closer to me. You let out a quiet moan from somewhere in your throat, and I feel your hands start to work their way up towards my neck, grasping me gently like you were holding aloft an offering to God. Then your fingers start to work with sudden and surprising accuracy, unbuttoning my black shirt.

Remembering the claim I made earlier in the night, I move one hand slowly up your back, inside your shirt and locate the clasp of your bra. With another bit of deft finger and thumb co-ordination, it comes free, my other hand already attempting to unbutton your shirt.

You've finished with my shirt now, and my chest is now on show, heaving slightly from adrenaline and excitement, as your hands come to meet mine and stop their unbuttoning. You pull your lips achingly away from mine and I see the cheeky look in your eyes. "Not so fast, Mister," she says with a smile, and starts to push my hands away from you. I let you do this, waiting for you to be at your most vulnerable, and then i bring my hands back up and tear your shirt open, a knowing smile on my face. You gasp, and are suddenly breathing heavily as you push forward onto me, lips on mine, your tongue with mine, hands tearing at my belt and the bulging underneath..

(to be continued)

The End

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