Dreams are made of this...Mature

Why do i see so much better in black and white ?

Is it because my eyes are green and i seek refuge in neutral colours ? Whatever the reason why this one is played in my dreams...


Pass the realm of dreams in a far away land called possibilities i arrive. The feeling of being watched is real in an unfamiliar place.

I feel no fear. A chill runs down  my spine as i step forward in the subconscient.

I can sense a presence but not who.

A sound in the air. A record plays.

A music made for dancing cheek to cheek.

I understand now. This is all about romance...

A soft light shows the dance floor, and in the middle there is you.

A call as ancient as time, as alluring as a sirens song.

I respond in the form of changing my dress.

Black and white, Vera wang , because it is a dream, and here the sky is the limit.

We dance.

Such peace, i don`t reason the need to be softer.

I allow you to lead me in...

The music continues. In the real world, in a room not so far from here, there is  this woman, her name is Carla, she goes on sleeping, she goes on dreaming, she is smiling.

We let her be...


The End

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