As a preview note let me start by clarifying any doubts, this will be about sex.

I am glad we got that out of the way, it need not to be explicit, but it has to be of an erotic, sensual, and sexy nature, if this is nothing you can relate to  please do not read the following or add to it.

         Thank you

Know lets begin...


I had this scenario in my mind for a while. Today i put it in words, it makes it more real until i find the man i want to do it with.. Are you man enough ?

Plays toys : silk ribbons - 2 black

                     a box of condoms  - always

                     a man who is not afraid of  let go of control



Im my mind i take you with me to my room . I start here because i know my own space better. In the bedpostings the silk is already tied , one in each side, they are not for me.

I guide you in. The lighs are on, i like to look, take my fill in you.

I am arousing myself just by writing , give me a moment.

Don`t take your clothes of let me have the pleasure. I need to put my mouth on you.

My hands slowly take one piece at a kiss.

As i see you standing naked erected, i stop.

I am still dressed as i tie you up. And i allow myself a moment to let the pleasure built up. I start removing my clothes, i don`t touch you. The eyes stay on each other .

I aproach the bed. Where to begin ?

I like your mouth on me, so i lead my breast to it. You suck me so eagerly i have to pull out, bad boy.

My lips are roaming. I want to devour you .

By the way you swing your hips the hint is obvious where you want my mouth, i am only happy to oblidge you.

I listen to your pleasure to the sounds came from deep inside your troath and i know it won`t take much to make you explode so i blow on the tip and let my tongue go around your shaft, from top to base, i hold you in my hand.I am so there ! And this as barely begun !...

I let you see my fingers go in between my legs,  you see when i touch myself .

Your face . Me . I need a comdom, i tear it . I put it on.

I ride you, first slowly. I almost let you out and i stop just here, you moan.

I ride you faster, and faster.

Until theres only the need to come....

I colapse on your chest, not to cuddle. My hands go the silk ribbons, you are now free.


I could say so much more but for the beginning this is what i have in mind i could be more explicit but there are a few words that are only for me and the other person, but the scene oh the scene is this one, no backgroun music, just me and you and sounds of two bodys having sex, and the sweet smell of ...  Enjoy...

The End

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