Skies are Burning

The second one is not a sonnet (obviously), sorry, I forgot that I had this filed under that and I don't want to change that because the other two are sonnets. They're all a similar theme though.

 Orange skies light my pathway towards you
Lonely traveller from a cryptic land
Fortune is met in my beholding view
and in your presence, weakness takes its stand
When in disgrace, in a sensuous state
The blessing deafens hell's fruitless clamour
In absence demands plans to actuate
A burning candle likens my amour
Dangerous yet grand, and if in ashes
I sit as a lonely traveller; burnt
When you reappear, it is in flashes
And I must think about what I have learnt
You are quick, comic, fair, and sublime
As the orange sky is each and every time

The End

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