Scars Forever Bared

This poem is about a cutter. Most don't use that term though. Instead they choose to use the word "emo" to describe or label the person in question. That word just doesn't seem to capture it though. It's used so commonly now, as a joke or at someone's expense. So, instead I choose to say "cutter" because that is the right term. My poem is about the cutter, him or her. What they feel and how they feel about self mutilation.

scars forever marking me

stories hastily scribbled onto my smooth skin, a bare canvas

put up for everyone to see

exhibits of dates and memories

long forgotten, but there reminding me

of that moment

when what was wrong became right

when I needed that quick escape at the end of the night

and I fiddle with the safety pin attached to my shirt

resembling a connection brought on by need or want, whichever works

safety pin

what a fool who named it

what is so safe about this small, obsolete piece of metal

it slices open my skin, my heart

tearing at my feelings, warping them

is it safety I am seeking?

or perhaps just a rush of self empowerment?

caused by the only pain I can control

The End

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