A feeling of one's fears

As the blood flows from my soul,
My memory fades away to night.

I'm lost in the yellow haze now.
Not the person that you once knew.

I've become darker, cold hearted.
I feel no pain now, nothing else matters.

I've transformed into someone held deep within.
Someone born from the darkness of my past.

My mind hears nothing,
Your voice no longer calms my rage.

I know not friend from foe,
Your best bet is to leave me be for now.

This beast is not triggered by the emotions of the present,
But from the darkness of my past.

For that was when it was born.
Born from hatred and rage.

Born in darkness,
Living my life in shadow.

Written by Fate and Destiny,
This is who I have become.

For the past cannot be changed or altered in away way,
Fate's bars are made from steel that never bends or breaks.

Hatred born from a love that once was,
The creature is born within from my very soul.

While emotion consumes thy heart,
The creature gets stronger.

And when you're pushed to your very limit,
That creature will be unleashed upon the world.

Its rage will destroy everything that you hold dear to your heart.
And when it's all over, you'll be the one left to cry...alone for eternity.

For when you're consumed by the beast of your past,
All you'll know are the tempest of scars that has become your life. 

The End

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