Scarecrow Mind

I wanted to think of him as a friend or even something more, and then I found out the truth. He is unable to connect with others on an emotional level and derives enjoyment from psychological manipulation. He learned all he wanted to know about me, charmed and amused me, played with my emotions, and then he shut the door. I doubt we'll ever see each other again, but a version of him will always haunt my inner corridors.

He moved through life like a poltergeist

Touching nothing

Creating chaos

Simply with words

Seductive, this will, this scarecrow mind

Outwardly shifting to please, to intrigue

Calm and collected, gentle and


He was always aware of a hollow place

Some abyssal space

Always testing but never comprehending

Strumming on the strings of an instrument

He could always play

But never truly own

Untroubled by dark, he smiled

Passing inner demons in the hallways

Of his scarecrow mind

No one is allowed inside

Without a fight.

He tipped his hat at fear

And swallowed everything;

Every voice, every nuance, every detail

To incorporate into his new act

His smooth, sweet control.

No one knew.

No one knew

But me.

The End

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