Say it to my face...?

Sat here on a rainy day,

Raindrops pouring down my face,

Sitting here with all my pain,

That you left behind,


So let the rain wash away my pain,

And as it does,

I sit here wondering was it worth it?

Did you gain from it or lose yourself in the process,

For once I can say it to you...


I’m so over you now,

I forgive but not forget,

But this the exception,

Because you left me on my own,

And that I can’t forget,

Nor I can forgive,

So you should have stayed,

But instead you just walked away,

Away from your family,

Away from your life,

Away from your friends,

And away from me,


The worst part is,

That you don’t seem to know,

And you don’t seem to feel the way I felt,

When you walked out of that door,

And never turned around,

But instead just kept walking,

Walking away because you had no courage to say it to my face...

The End

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