You say "I'm leaving soon"

my heart drops like a bungee jumper set to doom.

a noose tightens around my neck,

choking on tears, this is as brave as I get

as I lie here tonight, lost in the brightness

of the moon through the window reflecting on the hollow place

your face should be floating on a pillow next to me.

The words I can't say

sway about the room,

ghosts of all the memories

all the moments you slipped past 

beyond my grasp.


I wanted to say

"Don't go, don't leave, don't walk out of my life.

Don't get on that plane

I'm not ready to watch you fly away.

You still need to hold me in your arms

who is going to protect me from all the harms?"

You say "Babe, it's just the rain."

But I fear without you here

to be my umbrella

the rain is going to melt me.


I wanted to say

"Stay.  Let me be your home, your family

let's build a dream together, and if you must go

let me go too, 

I'll follow you.

I'll hold you when your feet can't walk,

I'll be your words when your mouth can't talk

I'll be the shoulder upon which you rest

I'll be the one who loves you best."


You say "I'm leaving soon"

and I nod my head, humming a tune

you played for me so long ago

I kiss your lips, and let you go.


The End

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