Savior, My Sacrifice

Written on May 15, 2014

I'm surrounded by these gates

With locks and stolen keys

Bounded by these chains

Symbolizing my life as a disease

There's water filling my lungs

Drowning my life

Trying to make me give in

Saying I cannot walk by Christ


These chains are society

Trying to steal my belief

Telling me it is wrong for what I believe in

Saying God shouldn't give me relief

Evolution and science

Are supposed to be the key

But there are miracles all around me

My Lord is the only thing it could be


Yet, I'm disgraced by my friend

The atheist who attacks my every word

Trying to make me give in

I'm disgraced by my lover

Trying to tell me lust isn't a sin

I'm denied by society

Asking why my life is not perfect

If my faith is my path

I say with all due respect

You just do not see

No one is perfect

We just live to be

Followers of God

With him, I can succeed


So go right on ahead

Bound me by these chains

I'll still say God is my savior

Christ died for my sins

And test after test

God knows I am true

And Lord, I will not rest

Until I am with you

I won't be broken down

Not with you by my side

After all these years of darkness

You showed me the light

So society cannot change me

You’re always first in my life

You the heavenly father

And I'll cherish Jesus Christ

The End

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