Saving HerMature

This is basically about when my friend overdosed a few weeks ago, and I had to call 911 to try to save her.

Saving Her

Tears rolled down her face,
Her hand gripping the blade.
Shaking and shaking,
Crying and crying,
She was done giving life a shot,
She was done waking up,
She was done taking the chance,
She was done making up.
The bottle was opened,
And the pills poured out.
One by one she swallowed them.
This could not happen.
I could not lose her this way.
I almost have so many times,
No, not today.
I did something sudden,
Terrifying and hard.
I picked up the phone
As I bawled.
“What is your emergency?”
“She’s leaving.”
Help was sent to her,
I knew she wouldn’t forgive me,
I ruined her plan,
I shattered her horrid dream.
But I knew what I had to do,
To make her see.
She was worth it,
And I’m glad I called.
She needed to live,
She couldn’t fall.
Days later,
I receive a text.
“Thank you for saving me.
You’re the best.”

The End

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