Saved By the Bell

Cold, dark dreary days

Forever alone

Forever in a haze

Blind to the world around

Deaf to violence

Never to hear the sound


A love which he will never know

As he lays still

Eternally encased in dirt and snow

All he can do is stutter

Buried alive

As his heart ceases to flutter


Forever tortured in life

Driven away

To be taken by her knife

If only he could reach the bell

He could live

Just long enough to see her burn in hell


No one to ever hear his muffled screams

Losing his sanity

His mind bursting at the seams

Ring the bell, his last hope

Oh the humanity!

How could she possibly cope?


Six feet under

Ring the bell

Pillage and plunder

She cannot burry the affair

Push, strive

How could she not even care?!


The graveyard echoes with the piercing ring

A man looks up

What a frightening thing

The boy brought back from the dead

Unearth him now

For all he never said


And so the lucky boy will live

Just another day...

To take back the life that was never his to give

My lovers do not kiss and tell

For you will not be as lucky

As the boy.. The one ''saved by the bell''...

The End

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