Save Me

Just something I wrote while feelin' down.

I try to find means of escape

But everywhere I look it's the same

Same old deal of judgement days

In whispers, sometimes peripheral stares

I adore all that I choose

So tell me why the bonds are loose

Loose in frequent uncomfortable ways

While I attempt to understand why

I can't hide from hurt or shame

Everyone I see is looking to maim

Maim hearts, to make others pay

Buckets full of tears and change

I look to them, all my loves

And say "Save me, I'm not that tough."

"Tough," they reply, "people will still say

That you've failed, you fail, you are failing."

I understand that I'm not the best

But that shouldn't make me give up the test

Test your boundaries then you may

See that it won't matter in the end

I do not see any point to this

The idea won't lead to a life of bliss

Bliss should be what I ask for today

That's right, see life's unfair

I can't see how it would be fun

To do something you've never won

Won to keep all others at bay

To think that I am someone

I guess that I am someone

I just need to find the sun

Sun, will they push me away

To live without parts of a whole

Or will they one day understand

Will they one day lend a hand

To help me as I cease to fade

Or force me into the deep shade.

The End

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