Dear Old Puppeteer, What Will You Make Of Yourself?Mature

Could you be honest with yourself? 
Make the man behind the curtain step out for a while..
And see how everything pans out.
He's the cold and aloof one;
The one you show when nobody is watching. 
Could you possibly, show your true colors? 
Raise them high, before everyone as you march to the sound of your twisted drums.
But of course it would mean the disillusionment of your loved ones.
Who could possibly love the Puppeteer? 

No, you wouldn't. 
You couldn't possibly handle the loss of your audience, who listen so raptly to your preach. 
After all, what is a Puppeteer without his audience? 
What are you without your followers? 
Surely, you know the show can't go on forever. 
Yet you cling to the possibility that someone might love the webs you spin.
I wonder if it gets tiring for you, keeping up with the lies that bind you 
The regret that haunts you. 
The denial that fails at reprieve.
And I wonder what will happen when you finally fall short of the finish line. 
Because every dear old dictator gets their downfall in the end. 

The End

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