Saudade- A deep emotional state of melancholic longing for a person or thing that is absent.

No one wants to be too hard too love.
It seems we have been running this endless circle of
Impressing and Disappointment.
We try till our own self reflection in the mirror
is no longer the sweet nothings they promised us
but how we truly see ourselves being as.
It's a cold reminder
that is way beyond trying to "fit in"
and more about finding who we really are
who we want to be
through the eyes of another human being.
Yes we can be dependent sometimes
but its only cause they told us
no one would ever love us
unless we love ourselves first.
And I'll be damn  to think
that version has to consist of
closing myself off from the rest of the world.
Cause honestly?
How could you love yourself
if the mere thought of being left alone
scares the hell out of you.

The End

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