Saturday, Right Now

It was like fire, you said, pulsating through your vein
Moving like mecury to your head, making you insane
Blackening out into a shining, diamond dream
I watched you close as you ripped out the seams
To open up an alternate universe
Wasn't sure, but you said  it didn't  hurt
I offered to you the nasty, glassy syringe
And you all but boldly upturned your white wrists

Megan (again and again)
Megan (again and again)

It was like powdered ice snuffed out your breath
The whole room, in fact, reeked of death
Frozen you were, so pretty when you slept
As the fire burning around you stoked and crept
Up the stairs, crisping the pictures on the wall
Pass the window seat you loved when you were small
You and your spirit seemed to follow that eerie glow
Left me wondering wherever did you go

Megan (again and again)
Megan (again and again)

The End

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