After the Operation

That lonely smile and the dazzling blue eyes
Have run away into the land of clichés and half-forgotten memories.
Someone has gone and superimposed some halfwit grin on your face
And surgically removed the magnets from your brain.
You don’t remember me.
You gaze past with all the intelligence of a sluggish fool
Crawling back through the dense hedges and dirt.
Your baby hair, they shaved it all off
And smacked the wit right off your forehead.
You smile now.
Like it’s the most natural thing in the world, you smile.
I give my back to you, though your new freedom doesn’t deserve it
And after a few seconds, guilt lays me like a fool.
I hand you a pathetic grimace, and we both look away.
Am I happy now? This is what I wanted.
The End

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