Don’t mind me
Drowning in fading memories
The sunset’s drawing closer
But I’ve come to watch the stars rise
There’s a point when we realise
That the future has passed
And all we can do is look
Back and remember
These dying sentimentalities
Are what kept us lying awake each night
In the comfort of the dying light
It all disappears when we try to remember.
All those lost words slip through my fingers
Leaving behind a trail of tormented emotions
Until I fall asleep with my fingers outstretched
And wake to see you leaving from the corner of my eye
I drown in fading memories as we refuse to say

I can never remember
If I forgot to tell you what it meant
All those heartfelt messages
I never had the heart to send
And as sweet oblivion embraces
Without you there to hold my hand
I watch memories trickle between those cracks
Before I can clutch them tightly to my chest
I can feel it all disappearing
Or did it disappear long before?
So many confusing questions
Amidst the pain I can’t ignore
Please, let’s open our eyes once more
Gaze back upon that blissful past
Before the memories fade away
I want to evoke the past once more
Please, let’s give ourselves the chance to say
The End

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