Run and Skate

The lights burn softly in the distance
Forests fall as we run across the sky
The clouds won't slow us, we'll jump right over
Keep on running, don't slow down
Keep on skating across these new times
Wishing we could see through that one-way mirror
To the truth that's often hidden behind
There's only this magic that stands in our way
We can use our own to break through
And keep running

We're in the right element to skate through the glass
To keep the new pace and discover new sky
But we could break it all with the risk and the wish
The only thing is, I can't stop running.
Let's bind ourselves together to untie the pain
We can't break the rules before they are made
Let's run through the skies, chase after the dream
Momentum won't last, we might as well run.
The End

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