Saren's random poetry

We walked through our own fantasy world
Chasing each other
Meeting again for the first time
Under different names
In different places
Under different circumstances
We would always end up friends.

In summer, we picked blackberries
Laughed at the others, afraid of a maggot.
Long caterpillars hung from the birch trees
Those silver trees we'd dance around.

In winter, dark fell early
But still we traipsed among the trees
It was our special place
The nettles forbidding anyone else.
If we were late, we knew to find the other
Among the webs, the thorns, the birch trees.

The next summer, the grass grew long.
I was too tall for our nettle den
Scratched but determined, I pushed on through
Only to find emptiness.

I do not dance among the webs, the thorns,
the birch trees anymore
Though my mind strays there oft.
One day I hope to find you there,
Standing alongside me,
Smiling once more.

If just to say goodbye.

The End

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