Breaking Up.

I thought it was great,

having a boyfriend,

But now I realise it was a big mistake,

I broke up with you,

how quick came the end,

I still want to be friends,

 but a text, you wont even send!

I never had a crush on you,

I just said yes for fun,

So everytime you looked at me, a daren't look at you,

Because you mignt see the lies in my eyes,

I was thinking, if he doesn't dump me now, I suppose I'll just run,

I felt to mean to do it,

On Facebook, Twitter or My Space,

So I'll just have to stand strong and do it,

A big, fat lie of a love chase.

I'm not going to tell you my real crush,

I think I'll just die if I do!

Because, the gossiping would be horendous,

I think I'll try to be friends with him,

maybe get him a gift...

But I really broke his heart,

and that's impossible to fix.

The End

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