My eyes meet yours, then I turn away.

Can't let you catch me staring your way.

I pretend that I don't really care,

but inside, I care more than I could ever dare.

I don't blush, or anything like that,

We're not even close, we hardly chat.

So why do I like you? I need to know,

I should've gone off you a long time ago.

Other boys treat me just the same,

You probably see me as just a name.

Maybe this is silly, just a random crush,

No where near true love and mush.

I shouldn't care so much, I know the truth,

in my life, you might be just another handsome youth.

So many other girls, prettier and cool,

You'll like them, I'm such a fool.

But yet I really want to know,

who you like, a friend or foe?

My mum says sixteen is the perfect time,

to date freely, it won't be a crime.

I don't think I can wait that long,

I want to know now, who I would belong.

You're face is imprinted into my head,

I know I'm thinking too much, way too ahead.

For now, I should let it go,

Maybe think about it tomorrow.

The End

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