Shades of Azure

I have gathered you here today, Shades,

to tell you of your next mission.

There is a princess of Azúl out there,

about to turn thirteen.


Cerulean, you must light the skies.

Yes, I do accept that

other colours want to share your reign.

And beautiful you look, all mixed, combined.


Indigo, you must darken the English seas.

She lives near the coast and would love to see

the colour of the whales. And maybe you could

induce your friends to visit while you're there.


Turquoise, you're a dubious kind. Should

you not be with the Hues of Green?

Though either way I'm sure Your Highness

appreciates your tones - appear in her eyes!


Sapphire ... Her Highness is enamoured of you.

Go twinkle in her dreams - she'd be forever grateful.

And perhaps you shall meet the moon and stars:

she has a brilliant imagination.


Others, you must play your part.

Find your way into the world.

Quick, the night begins to end:

we will soon be released from our prison.


I myself will see you all. I'll meet

the Earth with pallid Dawn

and blend in with the other colours.

Happy Birthday, Princess Aqua!

The End

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