Stars in her eyes...

the little dreamer

embracing life ...



Significant is sunshine.

She must sunbeams pass around.

And then there is her queer desire:

she wants to be profound.


Exists an art within her core

and love it when paint flows does she.

The picture must be grand and belle

and those who praise her

give her joy.


Music she's enamoured of.

Classical or dance or rock.

Sways she as deep

pervades the sound.


And complex is a creature -

a creature like to her -

and she herself can be the source

of undiluted pain.

But simple things are boring

and she likes

to indulge

in feeling.


Fantasy's admirer -

she joins the fairies in the wood,

she sings with phoenixes and sees

marvels you cannot conceive.


Random is her nature.

Excited she easily becomes.

Laughs too loudly from time to time

but a free spirit is fun, surely?


This poem

has caused her contentment

and strong gratification. She hopes

it wasn't too rambling

like a lengthy, meandering



Poetry's so melodious

she sighs as she retreats.

Join her life, fairytale prince:

she who would adore

your company.

The End

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