Sapphire Heart

Sapphire heart

and the love is apparent when I


 at the sight of that rich, lovely



Eyes and ears strained for love:

affection, concern, family is all wonderfully pleasant

but the tears are ready to start as the air seems empty of

the right vibrations.


A rain-flooded mind:

when will that ravaged room recover?

The soul has been tortured like nothing has touched it.


Aching tongue. Who can

release it? What special person

will allow it to say the words that form

the undercurrent of the essence?


Daffodil visions. The yellow warmth

does lighten the envisioner some days.

And there shall always be fondness

for life isn't totally awful to me.


Caressing fingers...

The anticipated future of my digits,

yet something longed for greatly



The call of my name,

distant like the sea,

and where are you oh far-off one,

ye source of the tickling breeze?


The brightest song I'd love to sing:

that one more tangible than audible.

Let it echo in my bones, oh

master of my destiny,

oh master of my destiny -

one whom I'd never wrong.


The End

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