Sanguine Forest

A parasitic forest.

Sanguine forest, crimson leaves
Softly swirling through the air it breathes
Frozen shade of parasitic trees

It drains the soil, drains the earth
Drains the land which gave it birth

Like rain the leaves come pouring down
Pointed grasping limbs left bare
Like thorns upon the Christ's old crown
Buried deep in flesh and hair

Crisp bark left dry from lack of rain
It's only moisture, from the host
Dust, the aspect to remain
The insubstantial, wasted ghost

Piercing roots stretch through the ground
Sanguine forest by these bound

Choking stillness seizes the scene
In a strange sense, this is serene

The traitor trees who killed their mother
They rend apart the womb
Deserving of a fate no other
Than an earthly tomb

Sanguine forest now returns to rot
Fertile carcass spread by wind
Hosts, by eager saplings, are now sought
The next begins at this one's end.

The End

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