Sandy Toes

A random spit of inspiration, not sure were it came from.


Rain falls, smashing to the ground, with such passion, the sky erupts into a rumbling echo, calling for it's for it's long lost...

light dances showing us another missed chance of opportunity wasted

we were to busy searching for what hasn't arrived yet, we fail to notice what is already there.

Ocean, rises, climbing toward our feet, yearning to be part of the world it can never reach.

With patients, pieces of it will be scattered into our lives.

We will dance in the hope, that it has finally drenched us in.

Sand, moulds or toes, hoping to obtain a piece of humanity. It doesn't remember towering over us as mountains, or skipping across the fountain of youth.

There are some things that will remain, until the sun its self runs out of warmth to give our cold hearts. We will still be blinded to the light that tries to speak to us.

We will continue to ignore the desperate cry wind leaves at our door, Maybe it only roars for the deathly silence of after the storm. Then we realize we deserve more.

Human, is consumed for searching, but it is ignorant to the idea of letting it be.

Admitting we have no control over such things, as revolving in the same direction, repeatedly.

Hate is a one way track that will never teach us anything, except how to forgive.

We must remember the kiss of flowers bloom with no reason, but to show its true colour. It must grow to see, purpose will always be a mystery.

There is something to be said about philosophy. When magic meets possibility, and reason is only another line waiting to be crossed. Waiting to be challenged.

We take another foot step into the darkness, and trust their will be something to catch our fallen hopes, and know defeat only happens when will has abandoned us. We have to be willing to continue on, knowing our wings have been clipped.

Durability is something gifted equally. Like duck tape, we must stick to what is right, let the summer breeze remind us of laughter. The willow weeps in memory of the beauty that flows throughout us, like a thousand dirty rivers, all knowing that only when they bleed together, they will be beautiful. Eroding away it obstacles, pounding, over,over,over again, until they can carve the path to home. Another foot step and a deep breathe as we take the plunged into reality, that maybe life is only a four letter word, defined in over six billion ways. Maybe, while drowning in our sorrows, we realize, happiness is just a breath away.

The End

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