sand castles

we drew a line in the sand,

claimed our sides and built castles so high

the waves couldn't stand

to wash them away.

People told us it wouldn't last,

but the beauty of today

was too wonderful to be wasted worrying

about tomorrow.

Tomorrow could come when we were done


But the moon pulled the tides

across our fake empire

and as much as we tried

we couldn't recreate a moment that was gone,

wandering in the past so long

we forgot our faces had aged.

We forgot we had grown old and changed.

And so our paths parted,

I took your smile, you took my heart,

and life went on

like it always does.

Alone, I walked the beach,

kicking pebbles into the sea

for every letter you didn't write me,

for every promise you didn't keep,

I filled my pockets with stones and let myself sink,

a storm was brewing, and I was on the brink

of going under, or swimming to shore,

but your unspoken words

dragged me down.

I pulled myself back to land

and drew my own line, and boundaries for

what I could and could not do,

and then broke them all like I longed to break you.

For there's a fine line between bravery and stupidity,

and I don't know what side I'm on,

but I know it's the right one,

and you're gone.

No one could protect my temporary fortress from caving,

I just believed you could,

and that was enough.

That was close enough to love,

as a sand castle was

to a mansion in the sky,

for you and I.

The End

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