It’s the light that gives the gift of sight, a refuge from the night
The bright beacon that ends the fight, the chaos, the pain, the bite
The bite of a blizzard’s icy chill, or the fiery stare of the sun that will
Suck your life, crush your will, and continue to kill you, it will still.
Or the relentless taunt of a stomach’s groan
That makes your only word a moan
Or the angry words of a loved one who
Seems to just not be able to forgive you
Or the aftermath of a terrible tragedy
That makes sanctuary the only strategy.
All of these, sanctuary takes away,
Heals you to help you survive another day.
Gently as a mother, bravely as a fighter
Sanctuary will guard you, make you feel lighter.
Sanctuary, the golden warmth I seek
When I am down, feeling no more than a freak.
Oh, the wondrous protection from all harms
The sanctuary that, all evil, disarms.
And the only thing I desire today
Is my sanctuary, for which, anything, I would pay.
It is my dream, my hope, my only desire
That shall always be there, to quench the painful fire.
Except when it’s not, when from it you’re brought
And the agony of the world is much more than you thought
And entangles you in an inescapable knot,
And taken from sanctuary, you shall slowly rot.
For the only thing that can always bring
Joy, enough to make the grouchiest man sing
Is sanctuary, the path of the ones who can see
The ones who are free, and one of them is me.
But what of the others, you might wonder?
Without sanctuary, how will they not go under?
And that, my friends, is why I tell you
To find your sanctuary, may it ring true
Because those who have it when are born and new
May not have it when their lives are through.
For to have something since your very first day
Is to not appreciate it in any possible way,
And when it goes away… well, it is safe to say…
For those poor souls, I shall forever pray
That once… just once… they may
Live to see a happier day.

The End

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