sanctified mess

because the past couple days have been rough, and writing has been eluding me, but i managed to eke this out.

sanctified mess

i bought a new tube of mascara, but
i still haven't worn it yet
because the tears won't stop falling, and
my eyelashes are always wet

several minutes ago found me crying
wrapping my arms around myself
wishing for a friend to hold me
but i don't know how to cry for help

i know all the right words to say and
i know all the actions to take
but excuse me, do you hear that sound?
it's my heart beginning to break

and what really irks me is when
i dare to share my broken heart
and then they say i just want attention
pardon me while i pick up my own shards

and then i find out i was, in a way,
backstabbed, and i don't know what for
but what hurts is when the stabbing is done
by someone you really adore

so forgive me, the stanzas are unclear
and this probably doesn't make sense
i know i'm free and all that good stuff
but for now, i'm just a sanctified mess.

The End

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