Sanctegotisticalificationist: Mass Fratricide.

If I was the king, if I was the best,
The looks of fear greeting my cold eyes each morning would melt into warmth
And that would be the saddest part.

If I could write you a song to make you fall in love,
I would have the scum of the earth upon my arm,
I would waste away her life with lies.

You have my word.
You have my hands tied behind my back.

All I do is associate with murderers.

It's only silent when we're deceased
And there's not long to wait; you're all diseased.
Every ounce of filth still runs through your veins
To me, you're disposable, and I laugh in your face

They will come down from the clouds
They will desecrate, defile your name
The skies will burn, the skies are alight

I kindle my flame of hatred for you
A small corner in my heart for your evils

Mistake, mistake, mistake?
Your heart is only of stone
The only smiles you see are the Chelsea Grins of your dead victims,
But I'm the monster here.

I am always the king, I will always be the king
Every nightmare comes back to haunt me
Every obsession still leaks so slowly from the wreckage I use to justify you

I can't open my mouth.
What's wrong dear?

If I was king,
Every shard of glass
Together, come together, a sphere I'll create
A wall between me and you
Between me and all else that stands
Every second that I remember was filled with the images of burning bodies
And the burning of the bridges, and all we built.

No shelter from your spawn, your offspring.
There will be no relent. 


You're disposable anyway.

The End

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