Sam and I

Just something I wrote because it flowed to me, although I've never even known someone close named Sam...

Sam and I were best of friends, we knew our friendship would never end.We'd laugh and sing and dance and play, until one day he walked away.

We were fifteen years old and were never apart, but that day right there, he truly broke my heart.

I yelled at him as he strode away, but my voice wouldn't let me, I had nothing to say. I guess he  no longer wanted to be friends, because his heart he couldn't lend.

Why'd he leave without saying goodbye? He broke my wings so I couldn't fly. Then one day he was at my door, I said I was sorry but he was more.

Should I take him back this boy I loved?

I had no choice so that's what I did, but I had a bad feeling that I couldn't rid. We were eating dinner again one day when for the second time in life he walked away.

This hurt so bad, I cried and cried. Just that night, a part of me died. I promised myself I wouldn't take him back, his love for me is what we lacked.

Sam and I, we used to be friends, until one day it came to an end.


The End

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