a new poem

Just an outline, made of skin

And my walls, still paper thin

I want you too, you color me in

Feel like I'm drowning from the sound

Of all the silence, coming down

My thoughts are gone

I'm going down

I'm turning inside out

This time I finally need, a Light, a Light

I’m done with all this:  my blight

Having flashes in my mind

Can't endure that tick of time

Last time I get passed by!


Today I accept my God’s Heart of Light!

I let Him in, the waves of sin, are rushing by,

Not just flashes, in the pan,

I don’t always understand,

the Mercy, in His Might.

This truth, I finally need a Light, a Light

I give my all, I commit my mind

I’ll see my Father, by and by,

and, rest, I know His Love draws nigh.

The End

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