Salty drops of my mistakeMature

Written age 15.

My breath runs scared into the free air around.

My bones feel wrong, they creak, moan and dig into your side.

I hear the dead space in my head, and squeeze my sanguine eyes 

To release a salty drop, a giveaway of my mistake. 

My voice is caught in my hatched throat, bangs on the cell bars. 

I forget who I am, I stretch my hands underneath me.

My head heavy as I try to lift my senses from the pillow 

Yet i cant see anything but you, i hide inside.

My ribs curl outwards, to knife your chest, my ankles click and contract.

My voice comes out as a breathless scream, panic, a rush of air up to the ceiling. 

Where I stare and watch myself slip away into the wooden beams.

I lose myself, you steal who I was.

 Sweaty grasp fumble down my side, catching the skin 

dragging across my stomach, then in my hair, pain stammers as 

Wet slides from my closed eyes, I turn away to taste my pride. 

I hesitantly open my eyes. I see you and I don't know you.

I never did.  

Blank, staring, glazed eyes, smirk, dimples, strained neck. 

I leave myself

And I watch myself die a little and I watch myself, just a child, let you win. 

The End

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