saint on the edge of a cliff

o! pity that I should be among the wretches
who wrestle with knowledge of need;
strung up on a wire that runs
like a river between the awareness of suffering
and the discomfort of acting upon conviction.
is it worse to be blinded against a need for action
or to recognize it but do nothing at all?
the electricity of hypocrisy motivates
my desire for ignorance so that I --
frustrated, burdened, unwilling --
cannot be counted with those
who have ears to hear, eyes to see,
but no body for action? nobody for action
hastens, leaving a pool of blood
where the Levites abandoned a man on the side of the road.

I see the need, o God, I see the need
and I am well aware of how I can help --
but oh, am I brave enough?
I tremble, torn between fear of doing what I ought
and the fear of remaining where I always have been.
which is the greater risk? I fear I shall stay
the Informed No-Good-Doer
the Self-Aware Hypocrite
the Frustrated Traitor
of those who could -- but may never -- be saved.

The End

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