The melancholy harmonies of grey,
Full of life, but with a hint of tragedy on this cold eve of May
Work doesn't seem so inviting as before,
Lethargy now the heartache and a throat that's sore.

You've been pushing them away,
and now, they've gone.
But you still have the same many words to say
Your face is now the mask you don.

Embrace the solitude you craved for,
the rhythm of the tunes is now the way you sway.
Too afraid to reach out
yet far too ready to return the shout

Enjoy your time now, the peace,
Before the noise fails to cease.
You don't know how you came to this,
nothing has changed.
Pick up the pencil before your mind is deranged.
You've devoured your soul,
look at what has come to pass
In the sea of white and grey
sails a ship of sorrow , a banner of solitude flying from it's mast.

The End

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