Sad Night

Sometimes, life is a wave of time in an old clock. We all know, the exact direction of the hands of the clock but still, we'd not simply accept the outcome of it. This poem is about someone we love, hoping to stay together on this earth with us forever if there is forever but suddenly, they move out off space and stop in time. This makes us feel how we feel. Below is how I feel and you are welcome to feel with me.

Why you lied to my face,
Let me shake in the ground?
You said,
“Our world won’t run out of colours;
the colours of life”
By the name of love,
I slinked to the corner with you.
On the train,
You sang an exotic song,
Counted the stars and promised to sky,
You’d still be here for millions of nights.
That night,
I trusted the wolf and loved the moon
Hugged your words and accepted your smiles.
Out of ‘signals’, you stopped in time
Off the light, you walked on fire
Wounded too much, I could not fly.
I could not fly and
I could not rhyme.


The End

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