Sacred Soul

You’re sweet, you’re kind, you’re generous
You took my heart,
And taught me to love;
You took my breath
And taught me the real meaning of life;
You took my ears
And taught me stop and listen, not only hear
You took my legs
And showed me the difference choosing the right path can make;
You took my thoughts
And gave me a conscious;
You took my words
And taught me kindness;
You took my lips
And taught me the value of a true and kind word;
You took my hand
And taught me to give unconditionally.

You taught me what real beauty is,
The inner beauty, that is so prominent in you;
You taught me to love
And replaced my heart of stone with a heart of flesh;
You taught me to put others first,
And replaced my coldness with a conscious and a mind for others;
You taught me how to construct happiness and joy
And replaced my mallets of sorrow with caring hands;
You taught me how to live life and how to care
And you replaced my emptiness with a soul.

You’re that pillar of sturdiness,
Steadfast and strong, irreplaceable and invaluable;
You’re that paradise that people look for when they lost,
Afraid or just looking for a safe haven away from the animosities of life;
You’re that solitary star shining a beacon of hope,
Hope for those who have nowhere to turn to, the lost and the rejected.

You have a heart or diamond, beautiful and capturing,
Crystal clear and moulded of love and generosity;
A mind made of goodness, unable to think of yourself,
Only of those around you;
Your eyes made of vision, never looking skin deep
Always drawing out the best in people that it seems only you can see at first;
Your touch, one of pure softness,
Touching the very soul of people, leaving your mark there for eternity.

You see, if I had,
Your heart;
Your caring;
Your selflessness;
Your conscious;
Your ability to think of only others;
Your love for other people;
I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be fit to;
I would have to be an angel.

You’re my angel;
My blinding flash of light and hope when all else fails;
My ray of hope when I feel helpless;
You’re my heart, my only thought, my very being.

You’re the one, my reason for being
The subject of my subconscious;
Your one of a kind, special, unique,
With a place in my heart incomparable to anything;
The one thing in my life I could and would never change!!!

The End

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