Sacred Creativity

A poem about our wonderful gift.




In a thrashing rolling sea

Of opinions bashing, an insistent storm

Nourish creativity

Come dance beyond the Norm.


Forget all that they tell you, friend

Your art is special. Indulge the Muse

The ideas will probably never end

This shall be your ruse.


Write of worlds we’ll never see

Paint a landscape, sculpt a friend

Feel the call of destiny

And inspiration it will send


Remember when you first awoke

The color came, a vibrant light

The words they came, the brush it stroked

A free spirit using second sight.


Voices criticize and drone

Telling what you cannot do

But all creatives have felt alone

Don’t let that doubt become you.



Whether others like or not

You spin your yarns, and they take flight

The art shall never fully rot

Because you love the summer night,


The beauty and the shining sun

The sacred legions in the sky

From simple freedom others run

But with it you can fly.


And will those you love come with you

To worlds we’ll never see?

All that is good and true

Drifting on a melody


Perhaps we’ll all go someday

To a haven beyond this roiling sea

Without the stifling black and gray

But for now, just come create with me.


The End

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