S k e y e °

I found her right under another dark sky.


Seize me,

Adore me,

I love you.



Forgive me,

The sins I...


I commit,

To you,


I end up,


Is this?



I can't sing,

just speak.


Just speak.



Forgive me,

I love you,

Please breathe?


The ever gates permit us to pass and we begin falling, from here we can see the 360° pyramids, the halls of ruin, and the dancing ghost giants of the Five mountains. Winds breathe blood out of our faces, I dream of kissing you, loving you like I should be, but the daemons have taken me, and every dream must end. I am now of chaos, my disorder brings dysfunction and I cry out wings and broken bones, paper wretches itself, and I draw maps of where I have been, and where I will never go again.


Winter clothes flap in the wind, kissing each fold of sky, and in her eyes I see the panic,

We have lost our way, displaced our touch, handled too much of the care free,

I dance I sing, screaming in to the wind like a meteor, a song meant as petals,

A riddle meant as rhyme, a loss meant as love.

Winter clothes creep in to our hands.



Forgive me.

I adore you,

I cherish you.


Filling holes in the sky with our hearts, colliding like stars, vertigo sheds all my tears,

With the brief promise of a touch we fall to our deaths, but never glance anywhere else...

Your eyes like an apocalyptic eclipse, breathed in blues.

Winter clothes don't protect us.


I'm dressed in white.


But the spiders consume me,

and I'm afraid that you will never see me so scared again.


The End

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