This is about my incredible boyfriend. He's truly done so much for me, and I love him sooooo much. <3 xo



His hand folded in mine,

Our hearts beating in time.

We gaze off into each other’s eyes,

Giving me butterflies.

His smiley is oh so pleasant,

And his heart is just as fine.

He makes me so happy to be here,

And I am so lucky he’s mine.

The door is always held open,

And I’m the first to walk through.

He always offers his sweatshirt,

Even though I wouldn’t accept it; he knew.

Ryan is so sweet, polite, and kind.

I really can’t believe,

That I get to call him mine.

Just by looking into his eyes,

I can feel my heart warm up.

And by kissing his soft lips,

I feel the butterflies swarm up.

Each and every day is a true fairytale.

He always fills it with smiles and laughter.

And someday, quite soon,

I think we’ll have a happily ever after.

The End

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