Standing and waiting within the wind, the rain

I cannot feel what I wish to and I suffer what I cannot change

The rain slides off of the my body leaving a signature

It is small and insignificant but I begin to rust anyway

The water assaults my eyes, sealing them away for all time

My prison is being solidified around me and I cannot breathe

But, I never have taken a breath so how am I to miss something I've never had?

I guard the entrance way, with snarling teeth and cruel eyes

You don't notice my solidarity only my form

Not my lonliness, but my finely crafted exterior

I want to love and be loved but one must be able to move first

Thus, heart means nothing if the physical, the tangible, refuses to relay it

Trapped and breathless I continue to guard, continue to serve and yet...

I long for love- a silly tangible something of nothingness

I have no use for love and yet I want it for my own

But, why?

I don't know; do you?


The End

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