Russian Roulette

The bottle of liquor is getting very thin after

being passed around from hand to hand

only one bottle left to go with the gun

load the bullet in and here we go

round one has begun

One bullet, one shot, one kill

the only question now is

who will fit the bill

time and time again the

trigger is pressed, but in the

outstanding silence every thought

is suppressed

Then the silence is shattered

and the circle is down by one

she was the girl who had come

just to forget about what

people said that she had done

if only they had told the truth

maybe she would not

have been number one

another bullet, another round

who will be the next one

to put their self in the ground

every set of eyes stares at the floor

they only look up to see

the gun that they are reaching for

silently knowing that they won't have

to feel the pain no more

then out of the four, only three remained

the boy who was teased for the way he looked

was the second victim to be claimed

round three is soon to begin

in this wicked game that

no one will ever understand

each participant will win

in their own sickened way

the next to go was the one

that everyone called a hoe

but in fact she was a virgin,

so little that they did know

two to three the deed is done

after this next round

there will be but one

back and forth the gun is passed

until another life is gone at last

now he'll never have to go back home

where he's beaten every day

his saddened spirit finally found

a way to break away, maybe they

will see what they've done when

they go to lay down their son so young

the final shot of the final round

is now reserved for the host

she like all the rest has a past

its one that she will now escape at last

things that she can't understand

will no longer bother her

no longer will she think of all the

things her daddy did to her

the touches, the caresses

they did not belong

but she won't be thinking

about them for very long

the bullet's in and the game

is now coming to an end

the shot rings out, it's all over now

Russian roulette, it's no longer just a game

for these five souls it was their only way to escape

The End

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