Rush Limbaugh's Midnight Quest

It was dark and Rush was afraid

but stop he did not

he could not be staid

for the task at hand was 'er so great

he could not sleep nor his desire abate

he could not reset nor close his eyes

though he tried and tried

O! how he tried


The time for sleep was not at hand

but if things got rough he'd call on Ayn Rand

Courage this gave him to set out on his quest

until it was through he could rest


So out he went into the night

gripping his keys with all his might

as long as he stayed in his car he'd not fear

for he'd put bulletproof glass on the c class this year

So he sat his fat ass on the black leather chair

hands on the wheel, a toupee subbed for hair.

To pay the druggist his little fare.



The End

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