Running to My Destiny

This about how I feel when im racing in an event at a track meet. I love track and wanted to express everything that goes on in my mind while I race.

Man calls my event to run

The pressures on and it weighs a ton

Ready to check in to get my spot

My stomach is tied in a huge knot


Man says "Runners to your blocks!"

My stomach still tied in knots

The others look fearless and ready

But I keep my mind calm and steady


Man says "Set!" and lifts his gun

My heart drops as I'm ready to run

My fingers hurt from bending so far

If  I lose it will be a scar


The gun goes "BOOM!" that rings every ear

I run away from every fear

I run as hard as I can

Trying to run as fast as a man


My heart is pounding as I see the line

I know that gold will be mine

My opponents are on either side of me

First place is the only thing I see


Getting closer and closer as I go

I'm neck and neck is what I know

Few more steps till I reach the end

I'm done racing, I came in...

The End

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