Running Out of Room


last few years have been awfully hard.


man does not learn without getting scars.

All so scared,

but we're running out of walls.


They are too thin anyways,

I can hear across the street.

The lightbulb's too dusty,

I can't tell if it's on.

Everybody expecting different results from the exact same thing.

If I do this today, someday else I'll change.

No place to hide,

No time to waste,

Progress is the brightest embrace of escape.

Stuck like a machine,

on an apathetic loop.

Just doing our job,

but it's still no use.

I can't help but feel every minute is wrong.

Hear the trucks mingle with the songbirds.


Figure the world gets better only through understanding.


understanding does not come without compassion.


compassion you must embrace with every breath taken,

with every word spoken and with every eye blink.

Learn to nod and not argue,

let others find their own way to the truth.

Perhaps with just the gentle nudge of the ocean's shores,

the rocks will turn to sand.

Learn to live,

beside and not on top of.

Wonder, but not without love.

Seek anything here,

just not the stars,



No one is here to save our souls.

Just left on our own, 

down a dusty road.

The End

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