Running in darkness

Just something darker I wrote a while back.

Hear the “bu-bump” of the rapid heart

Blood streams down the chin

Don’t know where to go

Don’t know where to hide

Gotta catch up with them

Even though they're so far away


Run child run

Sprint until your feet can’t come off the ground

You’re the angel of a devils dream

Can’t let them see you

When they find you

They’ll only tear you apart


You’re just so small

To the shadows of your past

You can run

But shadows follow everywhere

Even with the lights of the future up ahead


Screaming can’t be heard

Crying can’t be seen

What’s it like?

Being broken into pieces

That can’t come together again


You wouldn’t know

This is only the beginning

Life has only just begun child

I’ll break you when I find you


Death will become a welcome friend

Pain will overrule every fiber of your being

Tears will stain your cheeks with blood

Red will be the only colour you see in your eyes


My child,

I’m not only your beginning

But also your end

Don’t fear me

When I come to take you home again


The End

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