Breathing in nature's good vibes, exhaling peace and serenity.

Running through the field of our lives, never stopping but smiling through it all. 

Running alone could be treacherous  but daring.

But falling is the worst fear of all.

Letting the field take over your sight and dreams, sucking you in with its stillness and unwanted negativity. 

Completely trapping you with no mercy.

When falling in the field, you can always jump right back up and run. 

Run with all your might.

Bring friends along.

Make the field of life adventurous and compassionate.

Sometimes sit down and let the gentle breeze take you back into the events of your life.

When you are done, hold hands with your friends and run.

Wave to your enemies give them a small smile or a high five.

But never forget you are running for  a purpose.

The field of life.

The End

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