Run-Away Drive

Driving down that same old road

Wishing I can take another turn

Don’t want to U-turn, never going back into town

The dirt roads were too much to breathe in

The city crowded blocks, noisy and polluted

Is there a boulevard I can learn to love?

One I don’t have to cross every day and hate it?

A boulevard I can let the winds fingers brush my hair?

Cruising in a smooth pavement, isn’t what we want?

No more stress, no more frustration, no more screams

Traveling all night long, have the lights shine down on me

The highway lights are strobes, but only on the run-aways

Hoping we aren’t found, we’ll be long gone

Accelerating, I realize why I did what I’m doing

Most people would agree

You run because you want to see if anyone cares enough to find you

The End

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